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What is Custom Software?
Custom software is software that we build to your exact specifications. We start with some basic software modules and tailor them to your needs.  While more expensive than "ready to run", it means that your business will run exactly as it needs to, and not like somebody else's  business.
The Fuel Calculator Program
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Fuel Saving TIPS:

Remove Excess Weight: Many times people leave unnecessary items in there vehicles. Take out those gulf clubs and school books. By carrying a extra 100 pounds it can hurt you M.P.G. up to 3%.

Avoid Long Idling: When you re idling you get 0 M.P.G. If you are waiting more then 30-60 seconds turn off your car. Starting your car usually will not use as much gas as idling for more than 60 seconds.

Drive Smoothly: You can save up to 33% in gas by driving smoothly. Things to avoid are speeding or rapid acceleration, just end up using your brake. Try coasting to the next red light rather then speeding to it and using the brakes. Using higher gears when on the freeway make sure you have overdrive on. Try to maintain your speed with out heavy acceleration. Try and keep your rpms low.

Remove Roof Top Items: Take your bike rack or luggage carrier off when you are finished with them. Leaving these items on will cause drag which will reduce your M.P.G.. Close Your Windows At High Speed. This will also prevent uneccessary drag.

Don t rush around trying to get the cheapest gas prices: Let s say you have a 20 gallon tank and need to fill up. Finding a station that has cheaper gas by 2 cents a gallon will save you a whopping 40 cents! But if you have to go 2 miles out of your way and then idle your car in line for 5 minutes - well you ve lost money on the deal. It would have been better to cruise into the corner station and pay the extra 2 cents a gallon! THINK BEFORE YOU DRIVE!

Consolidate trips: Make a list and plan a route. See if you can beat your last trip by going fewer miles.

Use your air conditioning at higher speeds (over 40 M.P.G. ata steady pace). Open your windows without the air, at slower stop and go city driving. (This is an unverified tip.)

Inflate Tires Properly: Tires that are underinflated can waste fuel. Check the correct pressure for your car by looking at the information on the driver side door panel. The rating of the tire itself may be incorrect for your car. Check the sticker on your driver side, or your owners manual.