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NotesToMySelf program: Simple to use, smart notes and reminders. Completely searchable.
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Features and Screen Prints

NotesToMySelf is a simple and effective notes program. When added to the Quick Launch TaskBar the program is then one click away for use while using any other program. Here are some specific features about NotesToMySelf:

Takes very little space, and small resources: The program is small and it uses very few computer resources when open. This means you can load it whether you are in your favorite programming environment or graphics program. It will still work without draining your system.
Each Note can hold over 5000 characters. That s enough to hold the average memo, and cut and paste a few pages of a help files, or lots of code, or just about anything else.
The topic heading is 60 characters long, you can classify notes into groups such HLP, CODE, Recipe, Web, or just about anything. For example if you find your self repeatedly going to a certain page in a help file, you can cut and paste just that topic into NotesToMySelf. Then the page is only a click away! Or you can start every note about a client with their name and topic. For example, you could make notes like "Jim Smith: Birthday", and "Jim Smith: Job Anniversary" and then make them reminders as well. Finding Topics is also easy. Because they come up in order, all the topics for "Jim Smith:" will be presented to you in a grouping.
All notes can become reminders. Put errands in, birthdays, events, directions to meetings, etc. Then 3 days before the event, the reminder will pop-up and it will keep reminding you until you mark the note "done".
Search and FIND anything you ve entered: The search capability is easy and it can find anything anywhere in your note. So if you don t remember what the topic was, or the dates, but you do remember that it was Margie you talked to, just search for every note that mentions Margie. That's it.
Archive Notes: If you don t want the note active, but you don t want to delete it, then archive the note. It will still be available and searchable, but not in your active notes. Reduce the clutter on your desktop, and in the active notes file.

This is the main screen for the program. You can find anything fast, and see your notes and reminders as you need to.

A Note Page. This holds about 5000 characters (notice vertical scroll bar.) It also holds an email address, and a URL. When either is clicked it activates your email client OR browser.

Report screen print
Every report is previewed on screen. You can print any selected page as well.