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DomainManager PRO
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The Web Master's way to keep track of all the data for any web site that he or she manages. Here is what DomainManager Pro does:
1. Keeps domain site data, including due dates of fees, registrations, hosting services, and virtually all the data that a web master must use in managing a site.
2. Keeps an unlimited number of sites.
3. Keeps HTML page information about web and local locations, implementation dates, authors, and much more. Allows on the spot editing of any page kept in database.
4. Keeps track of multiple Hosting services. Shows whether it's used by you, or just kept as reference. Special printed hosting profile report lets you use the data as a way of comparing hosting services.
5. Keeps track of the different registration services you use (and those you don't use.)
6. Internet address book keeps track of all the email and URL's that are entered for all data. A double click on any item, calls up either your email client or your browser with the address fed automatically to it.

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