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What is Custom Software?
Custom software is software that we build to your exact specifications. We start with some basic software modules and tailor them to your needs.  While more expensive than "ready to run", it means that your business will run exactly as it needs to, and not like somebody else's  business.
CheckList Program:

Maintains and prints unlimited checklists with item priorities.
Use for training, job sites, home use.
Search for any item in checklists.
Print long lists, and "pocket lists" which can be used for shopping, etc.
Includes "speed add" lists so you an create a checklist in a flash!
Complete program help, in multi-user software that helps you prepare and maintain an unlimited number of checklists. Items on a checklist can be sorted by priority.
Make checklists for daily activities (to do lists), checklists for training others in procedures, checklists for repairs, parts assembly, and almost any job where short items in a list format would help you or others do the job right the first time.
An invaluable aid in an office, for jobs sites, for temporary workers who need coaching, for travel or any task.
No more wadded pieces of paper with unreadable scribbles.

Print any checklist in three different formats: 1) With note space for each item 2) Without note space 3) Pocket Sized for putting in your pocket or wallet.

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