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What is Custom Software?
Custom software is software that we build to your exact specifications. We start with some basic software modules and tailor them to your needs.  While more expensive than "ready to run", it means that your business will run exactly as it needs to, and not like somebody else's  business.
The Prescription Keeper Program
The Prescription Keeper helps you organize your prescription and vitamin supplement information. The same functions are a part of the HealthProfiles Program.
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Easy To Use features
1. Track prescriptions for you, family members or people you care for;
2. Check if  a prescription is active or inactive;
3. Track prescription number, pharmacy and prescribing doctor;
4. Keeps the drug name, generic name (if available), and dosage;
5. Keep special comments or instructions regarding the usage of the drug;
6. Automatic refill reminder date option - helps you remember when to refill a prescription!     
7. Keep important phone  numbers of pharmacy and/or doctor;
8. Keep important website/url information for computer and internet access;  
9. Track vitamin supplements;
10. Print a "Quick List" report of active prescriptions to take to the doctor;
11. Track prescription costs and displays a running total ;
12. Track an unlimited number of prescriptions and drugs;
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